1. Forney Creek Hike and Jetboat Ride – this is John’s favorite
2. Jetboat Ride – Captain Claudine loves her job!
3. Katya likes Kayak Lessons with Juliet at Endless Rivers
4. Nick recommends Watershed Cabins as they are so cool
5. Nick and Maria like the Nantahala Village Kudzu Bar for drinks with friends
6. Maria’s favorite restaurant is the Cork and Bean – she loves the Black Bean Burger
7. Dominique and Mateo (Nick and Maria’s kids) like tubing at Deep Creek and ice cream at Soda Pop’s
8. Matt likes the Nantahala Brewery for the great ales
9. On Claudine’s days off she likes the Nantahala Ziplines (both the NOC’s and Wildwater’s)
10. John likes the Tail of the Dragon on his motorcycle


There are lots more things to do – check out www.greatsmokies.com for more suggestions